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Management Mammut Alpine School

Reiner Taglinger
Product & Quality Manager - Mammut Alpine School,
State-certified mountain guide and mountain guide trainer

About Reiner:
+ In 1992, as a young mountain guide, Reiner joined the VIPS mountain school established in 1988. In 1996, together with a colleague, he took over the mountain school. In 2000, Reiner became the sole manager of the VIPS mountain school, supported by his 20 years of successful experience as a mountain guide.

+ For the last 12 years, Reiner has been a trainer in the VBDS (Association of German Mountain and Ski Guides) mountain guide team. This association consists of a maximum of 15-20 highly qualified professional mountain guides who are appointed or recommended by the training commission.

+ For several years, Reiner has been an examiner with the examination committee of the TU München (Munich technical university). The TU München selects examiners to take part in the practical and theoretical parts of the final examination.

+ For 11 years, Reiner’s previous mountain school, VIPS, organised foreign trips and high altitude tours – with very successful results – not least the fact that all participants returned from their travels safe and sound. An achievement that is above all thanks to the prudent and responsible attitude of the expedition leader.

+ In total, Reiner has climbed 60 summits of between 5,000 and 6,000 metres. He has climbed a few 7,000 metre summits and two 8,000 peaks.

Curriculum Vitae
Career path:
1985 Apprenticeship as a heating installer
1989 Training to become a state-certified mountain guide and ski guide
1996 Appointment to the state mountain guide teaching team
1997 Owner of VIPS mountain school
1999 Member of the TU München examination committee for mountain guides and ski guides
Career highlights:
1991 One of the first German ascents of the Cerro Torre in Patagonia – the first German ascent of the Franco-Argentine route on the Fitz Roy
1996 Expedition to Cerro Standhart in Patagonia
1999 Mt. Mc Kinley 6,182 metres – the coldest mountain in the world
2000 Alpamayo expedition 5,947 metres and Huascaran 6,768 metres in Peru
2001 Sangay expedition
2003 Bolivia - Huayna Potosi, Sajama,
2004 IIIrd Aconcagua expedition
2005 Ski expedition to the 7,542 metre high Mustag Ata in China
2006 Successful expedition to the 8,201 metre high Cho Oyu in Tibet
2007 Successful expedition to the 8,013 metre high Shisha Pangma in Tibet
2007 Expedition to Kula Kangri, 7,550 metres, in Tibet
2008 Successful expedition to the Pik Lenin 7,142 metres
2008 Expedition to the Manaslu 8,163 metres

In total, more than 40 foreign trips, treks and expeditions over the last 12 years.

The Mammut Alpine School team

Reiner introduces his team:
“For me, it was important to have the support of a good team for the Mammut Alpine School from the very start. The team includes proven mountain guides, people I had already worked with at the VIPS mountain school, as well as many new faces who are welcome additions – Why?  Because they are qualified to be there.”
“At the Mammut Alpine School, we have set ourselves an ambitious aim and a good team is essential to achieve this. I choose my team very carefully – and I am proud of my mountain guides, because each and every one of them is unique”.