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Mountain Guides

Alexander Bayerl

When I was a little boy I once asked my father: “When will we be going up to the Eisriesen-Glacier?” And he answered: “Once you’re grown up.”
So now that I am grown, I am able to share the pleasure of guiding guests and friends into the mountains, of sharing joy and passion, of passing on my enthusiasm and fascination.
Looking into their beaming faces on the summit all efforts are forgotten!
Carried by my families full support, it consistently excites me to start off to new alpine adventures. Dizzying depths, mystical ice, warm rock, glistening firn: In the mountains I feel free! Here I find time to unwind.

What really counts for me, are the people I share my way with!

Andreas Scherrer

I turned my passion into profession by being devoted to nice people , the mountains and nature. I enjoy passing on all beautiful experiences to my guests and showing them the great beauty of our mountains. My motto: The art to experience adventures.

Carlo Burgener

As I grew up in the valley of the 4000s, it is a great pleasure to guide visitors gently and safely on my native summits or higher peaks throughout the world. During summers, I seek opportunities for sport climbing and during winter, for fantastic freeriding - always with a scent of fresh snow. My motto: be wise and travel!

Christoph Hüthmair

Mountaineering with all its facets dominates my life since I can remember. I'll never forget the intense experiences while climbing! Since I am a mountain guide, I may share these experiences with my guests and enjoy the common achievements with them! There is nothing superior to that.

Dougal Tavener

I am 30 years old and I come from North Wales. I have been living in Innsbruck, Austria for the last 5 years making the most of the mountains. I like being off the normal and exposed tracks, pushing myself to the limit in all kind of extreme sports. I'm passionate about taking people on adventures in the mountains.

Fabian Bietenhader

Every day, every tour and every guest is different and in the mountains everything can change from one minute to the other - that makes this job so exciting. A tour on the Rothorngrat at Zinalrothorn is certainly one of the best mountaineering tours. The Yosemite is surely the best climbing destination.

Florian Behnke

For almost two decades now I am roaming through the mountains searching for the ultimate vertical experience. To share this most exciting quest with mountaineering guests is the root of my motivation being a mountain guide. I prefer climbing through the most beautiful rocks of Marmolada. It is a wall with routes which still challenge climbers and does not obey to the spirit of modern sport climbing and the demand for consumer-oriented experience.

Florian Hänel

When I decided to become a mountain guide I just wanted one thing: Being outdoors as much as possible and taking on new challenges every day. By and by new motives added: Being in the mountains with my guests, showing them my fascination and joy and sharing unique moments together. This enriches my job tremendously. My favorite spot are the dolomites. The combination of soft alpine meadows and steep rock faces still excite me every time I am there for climbing.

Hannes Rottensteiner

I studied sports science at the University of Vienna and I am working as a full-time professional mountain guide and ski instructor for 15 years now. It's enormous fun to be active in the mountains, at climbing walls or in the snow and to share this passion with others. Even during my leisure time I enjoy climbing and skiing.

Ignaz Brunner

I am a mountain guide since 1986 and I worked full time as a mountain guide for a few years. I travelled and mountaineered all around the world. I have two kids and work for Mammut for 18 years now.

Ingolf Hammerschmied

My name is Ingolf and I live with my wife Birgit in Saalfelden. We have a daughter - Lea, 11 months and she rocks!

Jörn Heller

Mountain guiding is my passion and I can not imagine anything else for myself. I am a mountain guide for almost 20 years now. Even after more than 100 ascents my favorite route is and will always be the Mont Blanc. It fascinates me how fast a mountain can change its “look”.

Julian Beermann

I am a mountain guide, because I love being in the mountains during summer and winter. Besides I am an aspiring helicopter pilot and I was a member of DAV expedition squad until 2009. I am happy to share my enthusiasm and my know-how with other people. Tours to the Eiger with its sharp and exposed Mittellegigrat are the ones I am particularly fond of. Along with a good friend of mine and at the age of 15 years I was there independently for the first time. These memories and the intense experiences on the Eiger make this tour so unique to me.

Jürgen Schafroth

To combine my hobby with work and to meet nice people are the reasons why I decided to become a mountain guide. My favorite is climbing in the remote cliffs of the Lechtal Alps.

Luzi Scherrer

I grew up in the Grisons and I am a skilled forester. After several stays abroad, I have focused on building log cabins. My professional activities are log cabin builder, mountain guide and wood sculptor. I am married and have three children with my wife. I spend my free time with my kids, hunting and singing in a quartet.

Markus Brand

At the age of 4 I already discovered my love for the mountains. It was obvious to turn my hobby into my profession and I worked for the Mammut Alpine School from the beginning on. It is important to me to combine the extreme mountain sport with the so-called "normal" job. Mistakes in both can lead to fatal consequences - not only for oneself but also for the beloved ones. The most important thing is that my guests have an unforgettable experience.

Markus Gujan

I grew up in the eastern part of Switzerland and I work as a telecommunication engineer and mountain guide - a varied and versatile combination that represents an optimal balance for me. I am living for the nature with its rocks, glaciers, snow and fresh air - and I love to experience it, whether while hiking, skiing or paragliding. I gained mountaineering experience not only within the Alps but also in the Himalayas, Andes, Rocky Mountains, Karakorum, ...

Martin Schürmann

The profession as a mountain guide and ski teacher is my calling. In my leisure time I jump from cliffs, antennas, bridges and buildings (BASE jumper).

Michael Schafroth

Since my childhood I've been a passionate mountaineer. I am fascinated about all kind of alpine sports, from easy mountain hiking to expeditions. I live in the Allgäu, I am married and father of two children, 9 and 14 years old.

Peter Gebetsberger

I'm Peter, I am married and have a daughter. 1991 I became a mountain and ski guide and afterwards I studied sports science and sports management in Vienna.

Reiner Taglinger

For more than 20 years I’m a nationally certified mountaineering and skiing guide and as a Senior Product- and Quality Manager I’m responsible for the high quality standards at Mammut Alpine School tours.

Rolf Schlunegger

I'm thrilled to experience the combination of nature, people and motion an for this reason I became a mountain guide. Some beautiful tours, I can recommend are in the Bernese - Valais Alps and Dolomites. Each season has its own great tours.

Simon Anwander

I'm 34 years old and live in the Oberallgäu. When I was a little boy, the mountains were my great passion. Later on I expanded this passion to the alps and the mountains all around the world. My personal highlight in the mountains is when I can focus completely on my current activity and forget my normal course of life. Sharing these moments with my guests and looking into their happy faces is a great and assuring feeling.

Stefan Wierer

There is nothing more beautiful than a great peak experience and sharing it with nice people. For this reason I became a mountain guide. My favorite tours are mountaineering ones with, rock and ice – That’s powerful.

Tal Niv

Originally I am from Israel, but since a couple of years I found my home in the Allgäu. I am a full time mountain guide, spending my time guiding or unwinding myself in the mountains, no matter if summer or winter. I really like alpine and skitouring, as well as ice and rockclimbing – so being a mountain guide is the perfect profession for me.

Terry Ralphs

I am a British Mountain Guide and am the Technical Director for the British Mountain Guides. I have been working as a guide for 20 years mainly in the Alps but also in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. I like traditional rock climbing, mixed and ice climbing, ski touring and alpinism. I am very active in all these sports.

Thomas Steber

I am 32 and live with my wife and two kids in Lengenwang. The best for me is, to be in the mountains with my guests and friends and to share many experiences and impressions. Apart from sport climbing, alpine climbing, mountain running, skiing, free riding, ice winter and mountaineering there doesn't remain a lot of time for other hobbies. Mountaineering is simply a brilliant sport.