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What standards apply?

Internationally applicable standards ensure that only safe equipment may be sold. Naturally, all of our via ferrata sets comply with the EU standard EN 958 for via ferrata sets and all except the V set meet the even more exacting UIAA standards and even go beyond most of the requirements of the standard. But what do these various standards and labels stand for?


The European standards are specifically adapted for the products to be standardized. Consequently, the label is always used together with the number of the standard (for energy absorbing systems such as via ferrata sets, it is therefore EN 958). Products labeled with the EU standard meet the safety requirements and must have passed type test certification by the appropriate testing authority.

CE-Conformity Symbol

This symbol shows that the manufacturer recognizes his own responsibility; it is not a quality symbol, but rather a type of passport for that product within the European Union. It means that the EN standards for product security are maintained. The number after the CE symbol (e.g. CE 1023) indicates the batch number or the standard/directive.


This label is awarded to products that meet the requirements set out in the UIAA standards. The UIAA, which is the international Alpine association, has been a pioneering force in the development of practical standards for many decades. Consequently, the UIAA standards are usually somewhat stricter than the European standards. All Y-shaped Mammut via ferrata sets meet the most recent UIAA requirements.


The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) combines the united world-wide national normative organizations. The ISO Norm 9001 defines overall process rules for Quality Management. They maintain the continuous quality of products and services. Certifying is conducted by an external body for example the B.S.I.

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