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Positioning the via ferrata set

Use only standardised and undamaged hip-chest belt combinations, combination harnesses or hip belts. Never use a chest strap on its own.
Connect your via ferrata set to your belt, as shown in figures 1-3, using a girth hitch knot. Guide the tie-in loops through the tie-in point and then thread the complete via ferrata set through the tie-in loops. When using a hip belt, it is essential to note that the via ferrata set must only be fixed to the tie-in loop of the belt using a girth hitch knot. Under no circumstances should you attach the set to your hip belt as shown in figures 4-6.
When using a via ferrata set with a rope brake design, make sure that the free end of your via ferrata set (the end without a carabiner) hangs loosely by attaching it, for example, to a gear loop on your belt.

Via ferrata tours

When using a via ferrata set, both carabiners should always be engaged (see figure 1). One exception is when swapping to an intermediate fixing point or, for example, guide bars. First hook a carabiner in the new section as also shown in figure 1, only then should you repeat the procedure with the second carabiner. Make sure that at least one carabiner is engaged at all times. Once the first carabiner has been swapped, the second must be engaged again in the guide cable. Under no circumstances must it be attached to your belt (see fig. 2).

Taking a rest during a via ferrata tour

When taking a rest during strenuous sections or to take photographs, you can hang directly from the Via Ferrata set; alternatively, use the rest loop provided (see fig. 1), which offers a comfortably shorter link to your chosen securing point. Once the set’s rest carabiner is no longer in use, on no account hang it from your harness (see figs. 4-5). Instead, it can be allowed to hang free (see fig. 2), or it should be clipped onto the Via Ferrata set (see fig. 3).

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