Robert Boesch

Acceleration test

A long haul to the perfect photo
Pure Ascent means combining outdoor experiences with top performance. There is no doubt about the efforts required from the photo shoot participants before photographer Röbi Bösch pressed the button. A line of several hundred metres snaked up the side of the mountain. Kitted out with high-performance Mammut equipment, the participants had an opportunity to experience for themselves its light weight and outstanding safety before the photo shoot on the Julier Pass.

What started out as a relaxed tour suddenly became very demanding due to sudden fog and the high numbers taking part. However, the mountain guides from the Mammut Alpine School did a great job of managing the proceedings and keeping everything on schedule. In the words of one participant: “The sun was shining, I sent a text message and when I looked up 2 minutes later I couldn’t see a thing.” To protect themselves from the wind, the participants dug snow trenches. This gave them an activity to focus on as well as protection. In some trenches wine and Tyrol specialities were on hand to lift spirits. After waiting around for almost three hours, the mountain guides decided to call it a day. In an atmosphere of general disappointment, everyone started to get ready for the descent. However, at that precise moment, the sun started to break through. The participants immediately took up the chant: “Photo, photo, photo …” After a brief discussion, Röbi took over and the arrow was created in record time – in the bag!