Thomas Senf

The journey

The journey began like so many of its type in the mountains, more precisely the Dolomites. The Cinque Torri rock formation offered the athletes Stephan Siegrist, David Lama, Christina Schmid, Anna Stöhr, Barbara Bacher and Magnus Midtbö the perfect scenery to get into the alpine high spirits that they were to bring to European cities later in the trip. The pro team was actively supported by the Italian climbing ace Rudi Moroder.

After three days of rock climbing, it was time to come down from the mountain straight into the city. In an old blue and white VW bus the journey took them right to the heart of Vienna city centre. Over the roofs of the city, a flak tower, a remnant of the Second World War, was scaled with spectacular climbing. The demanding route led over a 7-m roof. Breathtaking jumps and a slackline crossing at a height of 45 m provided an adrenaline rush.
The Vienna Donauplatte with its symmetrically arranged blocks of stone in front of the high-rise facade offered the ideal boulder spot.

The ascent of a 70 m-high bridge pier in Freiburg (CH) marked the crowning conclusion of the trip. The route on the Pont de Pérolles had been specially designed for the Mammut athletes and offered impressive photo and film material for the making-of team, consisting of Rainer Eder and Christoph Frutiger.