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MTI™ (Multi Thermal Insulation) - what’s the difference?

Weight/Insulation ratio
Our MTI™ Pro, MTI™ Endurance und MTI™ Element do not need any bonding fibres or glue, which generate additional weight but provide no additional insulation. These fibre fixations are required if mats need to be transported. Our fibre mats are produced and processed directly at the sleeping bag manufacturer.

Robust and durable
Insulation performance is noticeably better after frequent use and repeated washing in comparison with standard synthetic fibre fillings. If cared for properly and stored uncompressed in a dry place, a synthetic sleeping bag will last for around five to eight years.

Sensitivity to moisture
Synthetic fillings trap little moisture, they dry quickly and offer good heat insulation even when wet. If possible, dry the sleeping bag after each use.

Easy to care for and hygienic
Our  MTI™ Pro, MTI™ Endurance und MTI™ Element fillings can be washed at 60°C. Making them unique on the market. Sleeping bags must be washed without bleach and using low quantities of detergent, which means that bacteria and viruses can survive a wash cycle of 30 or 40°C. Washing at 60°C results in ten to one hundred times fewer bacteria in comparison with washing at 40°C. Higher temperatures also help to remove stubborn dirt.

MTI™ – Multi Thermal Insulation
In contrast to OTI™ fillings and most competing materials, we produce our extremely homogeneous and durable MTI™ fillings ourselves. For our MTI™ fillings we use a mixture of different fibers, all with different properties in terms of insulation, compressibility and stability. We work these directly into the sleeping bags in a production line, without the use of any bonding fibers or glue.

OTI™ – Optimized Thermal Insulation
Our OTI™ fillings are used in sleeping bags as well as some clothing items. The distinguishing feature of this technology is the fact that individual properties can be specifically tailored to different applications.

MTI™ Pro

Micro/Spiral/4-hole Hollow Fibers

Very lightweight filling with fluffy touch. Extremely compressable.

MTI™ Endurance

7-hole/4-hole/Spiral Fibers

Very durable and longevable filling. 30% recycling.

MTI™ Element

4-hole Hollow Fibers/Hollow Fibers

Basic fibermat with very high loft and good insulation value.

OTI™ Climate

Spiral/7-hole Hollow Fibers

2 phase technology: No overheating during activities and heat storage during rest period.

OTI™ Micro

Micro Fibers

Optimized weight/insulation ratio by using microfibers. Lightest filling.

OTI™ Element

Super Fine Fibers

Filling with balanced properties for versatile use.

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