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Lap coiled

Tangle Free Ropes

A further innovation of the Mammut Rope factory is the «Lap Coiled» coiling technology. Thanks to the first fully automatic «Lap Coiled» rope packing machine, Mammut ropes have additional safety and comfort advantages.

Up until now, it was necessary to very carefully unroll a new rope, rather than simply uncoiling it, in order to keep it from becoming twisted. The technique is not easy to learn and must be done correctly to prevent tangles. For lead climbing, top roping and abseiling (rappelling), tangles in the rope are a hindrance and can be dangerous as they make handling difficult. When a rope has tangles, they must be worked out by hanging the rope and allowing the rope to untwist naturally. Thanks to the new «Lap Coiled» technique in the production, the uncoiling process no longer introduces the twisting that leads to tangles.

The heart of the new machine is a new technique for coiling the rope. Instead of coiling it as in the past, a seven-axis programmable robot arm lays the rope in a figure eight form. Ropes up to 100m long can be coiled in this way without introducing a twist. Safety marking and strapping of the finished rope are integrated into the automated coiling process. Due to the multiple stage quality control steps, the renowned Mammut quality is guaranteed.

Now, you can simply open your pack, tie in and climb!

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