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Whoever entrusts their life to a Mammut rope has every right to expect the very highest standards of quality. We are fully committed to this requirement. All our ropes are produced in Switzerland. Every day, Mammut processes enough polyamide to go right around the world.

The 8.7 Serenity – the thinnest and lightest single rope from Mammut

The age of ultra-lightweight, high-end sports climbing ropes began in 2006 with the launch of the 8.9 Serenity: Back then Mammut developed the first single rope with a diameter of less than 9 mm.
In summer 2013, Mammut will once again demonstrate what is possible in the field of ultra-light single ropes with the new 8.7 Serenity. The new 8.7 Serenity is the Mammut Pro Team climbers' secret weapon for tackling the toughest redpoint, flash and on-sight routes at the absolute limit. Its comparatively high sheath proportion means that the 8.7 Serenity is the most durable rope in its class.

The 10.0 Sensor - a rope with visible and tangible markings

With the 10.0 Sensor, Mammut has managed apply both visible and tangible markings to a mountaineering rope. The BiCo Sense technology contains a thicker twine in the core of the rope; this thicker sheath twine comes to the surface at certain points on the rope. This way, the special sheath twine provides both visual and tangible markings for certain rope sections. This type of marking is used in the middle of the rope and 3 m before each end of the rope. The advantage is obvious: both belayer and climber are made aware of these sometimes critical rope sections, which allows, for example, accidents to be avoided during lowering.

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