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Swiss Quality

Those who trust their lives to Mammut ropes justifiably expect the highest quality. We are fully committed to meeting this expectation. All our ropes are manufactured in Switzerland. Every day Mammut processes a quantity of polyamide fibers that, if lined up end to end, would encircle the globe once.

Mammut’s drop test apparatus

Meter by meter, we check electronically for any irregularities, and we regularly test the performance of our ropes on our in-house drop test tower. Our ropes fulfil the strictest standard requirements, giving performance reserves that far exceed those required. A Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 standards guarantees  exceptional quality in every  rope. In product development work, we carefully monitor our ropes’ realworld performance. Mountain guides  from the alpine federation training teams, professional and top climbers and last, but not least, our mountain crazed employees, mercilessly test Mammut ropes in demanding conditions before a new rope goes on sale.

  • 10.2 Supersafe Evo

    $ 299.95

  • 8.5 Genesis

    $ 219.95