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Recall notice

RescYou Crevasse Rescue Device recalled by Mammut due to risk of injury

On January 20th, 2014 Mammut issued a recall of the RescYou crevasse
rescue tool, from batches 12/12 and 3/13. The RescYou is used for ski
mountaineering and mountain climbing to allow the user to haul a
climber who has fallen into a crevasse back to the surface of a glacier.

The RescYou consists of two toothed-cam rope-grabs connected by a
length of cord threaded through pulleys to achieve a mechanical
advantage hauling system. On some units the toothed cam blocking the
orange pull-cord was produced incorrectly resulting in difficulty managing
the haul system, and must be replaced. If a problem RescYou is used
the user may need to hold the pull-cord tight with one hand while pulling
the climbing rope through the device with their other hand resulting in
reduced efficiency and possibly delaying a rescue, which could result in
injury or death to the fallen climber.

If you have a Mammut RescYou that you think may be affected,
complete information can be found at or in the USA
and Canada by calling (800) 451-5127, between 9am and 5pm Eastern
time, Monday through Friday, or by email to .

Only batch numbers 12/12 and 3/13 are included in this recall. The batch
number is etched into the side of the Blue rope grab. Batch numbers
other than 12/12 and 3/13 are not included in this recall. If the batch
number printed on the RescYou you have matches either of the images
below, discontinue use of your RescYou and contact Mammut

If you have a recalled device you will be provided with a free
shipping label to return it, and a replacement will be sent to you at
no cost.

For questions or to arrange recall replacement, contact:

In the US & Canada:
Mammut Sports Group, Inc
458 Hurricane Lane, Ste 111
Williston, VT 05495
(800) 451-5127

Frequently asked questions:

Why are the batches in question being recalled?
During a regular internal quality check, Mammut identified that in some products in batches 12/12 &
03/13, the teeth of the orange cam that blocks the pull-cord are not aggressive enough. As a result,
when the pulley is activated, the cord is not locked under body weight necessitating the user hold the
pull-cord by hand while simultaneously pulling the climbing rope through the lower ascender in order
to use the device. The correct functioning of a "RescYou" affected by this problem is therefore not
guaranteed and it might be difficult or even not be possible to perform a rescue operation following a
fall into a crevasse using an affected device.

Why are Mammut "RescYou" devices with other batch numbers not included in this recall?
One component in the affected production batches 12/12 & 03/13 does not meet specifications.
All earlier production batches with the numbers 03/12, 05/12, 06/12 and 09/12 have been tested for
the critical component and function properly. Customers can therefore continue to use products with
batch numbers 03/12, 05/12, 06/12 and 09/12 in accordance with the operating instructions.

How will my returned "RescYou" be replaced?
Contact Mammut for instructions on returning your device and to record your contact details. Once
your returned "RescYou" with batch number 12/12 or 03/13 has been received by our Customer
Service, Mammut will ship you a replacement RescYou at no charge as soon as it is available.

How long will it take to replace the "RescYou"?
Due to the need to produce new parts, replacement devices will begin to ship to consumers in mid-
March 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, we are working as hard to ensure
properly functioning replacement devices are provided as quickly as possible.

Will my shipping cost be reimbursed?
Yes. In the US and Canada Mammut will send you a prepaid shipping label so you can simply box it
and label it and you will incur no charge. In other countries you will be reimbursed for any costs

How can I tell that my replacement product or a product that is still sold by dealers is not affected?
If the product has a batch number different from 12/12 or 03/13 on the blue rope clamp then it is not affected by this problem and functions properly.

Can I continue using my "RescYou"? What happens if I don't want to return my product?
NO! You are urgently advised not to continue using products from batches 12/12 & 03/13 because
their correct function cannot be ensured. Although it may be “possible” to use, the function will be
more difficult than intended, which could in the worst case result in difficulty or outright inability to
use the device in an emergency.