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Men's Footwear

Chilkoot GTX Men RRP $ 219.00

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Mid-height, multifunctional alpine and hiking boot made from nubuk and velours leather with Liquid Rubber reinforcements. The water-resistant and breathable GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear lining provides protection from damp and ensures a pleasant temperature in the boot. The high-quality memo foam offers optimal fit and cushioning, while the patented Rolling Concept® promotes a natural rolling action, support and cushioning. Also patented, the Mammut® Base Fit technology ensures a direct transfer of power from the lacing area to the sole, resulting in greater safety and precision as well as preventing slipping in the boot. The proven vibram® MT Traction sole ensures a safe and secure grip on all kinds of terrain thanks to the design of the lugs and the flexible ribs.




Shoes must be protected from water, wet conditions and dirt. Since wet conditions and dirt affect leather's natural properties, such as temperature control and comfort, shoe care is a very important area.  


  • Use a brush to remove any dirt, or brush the shoe under running water to remove persistent soiling
  • Leather cleaning products are not recommended since the soap damages the waterproofing treatment
  • After cleaning the shoes, rub in the appropriate wax or silicone-based care products or polish them using a soft brush 
  • Dry leather needs nutrients in the form of wax (no grease or oil). Apply a very thin layer and then work into the leather
  • The application of wax makes nubuk or velours leather appear darker and smoother. Liquid care products maintain the leather's original appearance for longer, but provide fewer nutrients
  • The best way to clean the lining (textile, GORE-TEX® and leather) is using lots of cold water and a sponge. The lining retains high quantities of salt from perspiration. In the long term, these can have a damaging effect on textiles and leather lining materials.

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