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Removable Airbag System

Safety in deep snow – Mammut extends the airbag product range.

Mammut integrates the avalanche airbag system R.A.S. (Removable Airbag System) developed by the Swiss company Snowpulse SA in its proven snow backpacks. With the Mammut Pro R.A.S. ready and the Light R.A.S. ready, Mammut is presenting two highlights in its product range.

The Pro R.A.S. ready is the first R.A.S. ready backpack for professionals. The backpack is specially tailored to the needs of mountain guides: big volume, a variety of fixations, multiple compartments to keep items organised and extremely robust. The large back opening allows access to the main compartment of the backpack even when a snowboard is attached to the front. Perfect for one or multiple-day tours with skis or a snowboard. Thanks to its thermo-moulded back padding, the Pro R.A.S. ready is extremely comfortable to carry.

The Light R.A.S. ready is the absolute lightweight among avalanche airbags. With the R.A.S. without a cartridge, the avalanche airbag weighs just 1.8 kg. However, it still offers all the features you would expect from a good single-day touring or freeriding backpack. Very comfortable to carry, attachments for skis, snowboard, axe and ski poles. Its 30-litre packing volume makes the Light R.A.S. ready an absolute all-rounder in terms of range of applications.

The avalanche airbag increases the wearer's volume, significantly boosting this effect. An avalanche airbag can therefore help to prevent complete burial. It also helps to keep the wearer's head on the surface of the snow and its bright colour makes it easier to find. Pulling the handle deploys the pressure cartridge. The gas released by this ejects into the airbag and inflates it within three seconds to a volume of 150 litres.

R.A.S. ready means that the backpack is compatible with the Removable Airbag System R.A.S. R.A.S. ready Packs are supplied without the airbag system. The Removable Airbag System R.A.S. can be purchased separately.

Mammut avalanche airbags

Since last winter, Mammut has completed its own Snow Safety product range. Barryvox, probes and avalanche shovels are now complemented by the avalanche airbag. In an emergency, the airbag is designed to help its wearer stay on the surface of the avalanche. Mammut integrates the avalanche airbag system R.A.S. (Removable Airbag System) newly developed by the Swiss company Snowpulse SA in its proven snow backpacks. The model and compressed air cartridge are also compatible with the R.A.S. product range from Snowpulse. This gives the customer the option of purchasing a base model and then fitting the airbag system in other backpack models or sizes. The backpack can also be used without the airbag system in summer or around town.