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Greater Climbing Safety with the Mammut 10.0 Sensor

The 10.0 Sensor is the first ever climbing rope to feature markers that can be both seen and felt by touch. These markers make the user aware that he or she is coming close to the end or middle of the rope. With the 8.7 Serenity, Mammut has brought the thinnest and lightest single rope in the world to the market. The third highlight is the 9.3 Nordwand which completes the Eiger Extreme high end collection.

When climbing, the user’s eyes are usually focused on his or her rope partner climbing in front, to ensure that he or she pays out rope at the right time or locks. However, the user must also always keep an eye on the remaining length of rope to make sure that there is enough to lower the climber back down to the ground. The BiCo Sense technology of the Mammut 10.0 Sensor now makes use of our sense of touch as well to provide this overview. As well as visual differentiation through different colored yarn in the middle and end of the rope, a thicker yarn is also used in these areas to allow climbers to identify them by touch. The 10.0 Sensor is also equipped with the superDRY finish, giving the rope long-lasting resistance to dirt and water.

The 8.7 Serenity, the thinnest and lightest single rope in the world, is the secret weapon for routes at the higher end of the difficulty scale. It has the highest sheath proportion in the ultra-light single rope class and is also extremely durable. Its triple certification means that it can be used as a single, double or twin rope.

The 9.3 Nordwand delivers what Eiger Extreme promises. Its innovative Double Twist technology, in which four instead of the usual two sheath threads are woven together in parallel, means that the rope's even surface is unrivalled. The result for this high end rope is optimum handling and a unique design.

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