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Buckle System

Depending on the requirements of your sport and your personal preference, Mammut harnesses come with two types of buckle system:

Slide Bloc System

Super fast and incredibly safe. You just can’t do anything wrong: pull it tight and that’s it. A strong tug on the harness webbing, and the buckle is reliably closed. To open it, you just loosen it, there are no loose ends to get in your way when putting the harness on again. The fast and safe solution!

Click buckles

Flexible in any situation. If you are putting a harness on over crampons or skis, the click buckle - and therefore the complete harness - can be easily opened by raising, turning and unthreading the bar. It is equally quick and easy to close again: simply rethread the bar of the click buckle and pull tight on the webbing, the buckle automatically clicks and locks just as reliably as the Slide Bloc buckle. Fast flexibility, especially appreciated by mountaineers.

  • Togir Light

    $ 69.95

  • Zephir Altitude

    $ 84.95