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Dual Density

  • Two absorption materials for adapted supporting and absorption

Damping element made from two different soft materials. Thus a zone can be designed more softly and another zone more supporting depending upon need.

Rolling Concept®

Logo Rolling Concept
  • Creates suitable support and damping on specific areas of the foot
  • Optimizes natural anti-roll behaviour
  • Reduces fatigue (danger of twisting the ankle)
  • Sole concept designed to orthopaedic findings
  • Reduces the weight of the sole

The patented Mammut sole concept with customized support and cushioning to support natural foot roll, and thus prevent fatigue (danger of twisting).

Motion Control®

Logo Motion Control
  • Prevents the foot from bending over outwards thanks to a reinforced inner side
  • Protects against injuries
  • Enables lots of flexibility forwards and backwards, despite high lateral support

This patented Mammut technology is an anatomically shaped heel cap which prevents the foot from twisting outwards by means of a reinforced interior. Handling– semi-visible or fully integrated.

360 Heel Support

  • Three-dimensionally shaped heel element
  • Maximum heel support
  • Lateral reinforcement against turning
  • Abrasion protection

The three-dimensionally shaped TPU element is designed for the anatomy of the heel bone, which it completely envelops. This delivers optimum heel fit, helps prevent twisted ankles and protects against rock abrasion.

  • T Aenergy GTX Men

    $ 199.00

  • Magic GTX Women

    $ 299.00

  • White Rose GTX Women

    $ 249.00

  • T Advanced GTX Men

    $ 179.00