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Capricorn Technology

  • Newly developed sole profile technology in co-operation between Mammut and vibram®
  • Sharp-edged lugs guarantee grip on fine rocky outcrops
  • The Climbing Zone on the tip provides lots of grip

The sharp-edged, rough and medium-height profile of the Capricorn concept sole developed in collaboration with vibram® produces the highest grip on fine outcrops and edges. Modelled on the ibex, which demonstrates top climbing performance with its sickle-shaped hoof.The Climbing Zone on the tip of the sole also underscores this.

Scale Technology

  • Sole tread technology developed in cooperation of Mammut® with vibram®
  • The lugs and ribs are inspired by the scaly armour of the pangolin

Together with the proven flexible ribs, the scalelike arrangement of the lugs on this hiking sole ensure maximum grip on all kinds of terrain and rounded, gentle rolling behaviour.

Cougapproach Technology

  • Outsole technology for approach made from gripex™ APX rubber mix for maximum adhesion and good abrasion values
  • The shape of the lugs is inspired by the claws of the mountain lion

Inspired by the claws of the mountain lion this specialized approach outsole characterizes it's lug shapes and flexible lamellas. Gripex™ APX rubber mixture offers largest adhesion and good abrasion resistance.

Frog Technology

  • Sole profile technology developed in co-operation of Mammut with vibram®
  • Hexagon lugs produce highest grip on all undergrounds
  • Weight reduction owing to optimal arrangement of materials

The hexagonal lugs of the FrogGrip sole developed in cooperation with vibram® ensure optimum grip on all terrains. Mammut® took its cue from nature to integrate the hexagonal surface texture found on frogs‘ feet into the new sole.

Iguana Technology

  • The new improved version of the very successful Reptilia sole is lighter, faster and more aggressive
  • The lugs are arranged wider apart for efficient self cleaning
  • With integrated Climbing Zone

The development is based on the very successful Reptilia sole with its claws and flexible ribs. For the Iguana sole, the focus was also on lightness, speed and aggressiveness. The small Climbing Zone and the Stone Shield to provide protection from penetrating sharp stones indicate where these soles feel most at home: in rocky, alpine terrain.

Reptilia Technology

  • The sole tread technology for active mountain sport
  • Developed by Mammut® in cooperation with vibram®
  • Inspired by lizards and geckos, the claw and rib tread patterns offer outstanding safety.

Mammut® has joined forces with vibram® to develop this sole profile technology, which is designed to fulfil the specific requirements of active alpine sports. The sole design is inspired by the claws of the lizard and the sticky lamellae of the gecko. These ensure grip and slip resistance on all types of terrain.

Sonar Technology

  • Every aspect of Mammut‘s long-standing sole know-how in footwear design and development has flowed into this mountain trail running sole
  • Its profile has been inspired by the concentric patterns formed by spreading sonar waves
  • Running in the mountains generates very high braking and thrusting forces in the sole and requires optimal sole edge stability and strength

Engineered for maximum transmission of braking and thrusting forces, the sole‘s unique profile has been inspired by the concentric patterns formed by spreading sonar waves. The design ensures superb lateral edge stability and strength for steep traverses, grip on slippery surfaces thanks to the flexible ribbing and features built-in longitudinal support for the arch. The curved ribbing integrated into the wedge and the patented Rolling Concept® technology help secure the foot‘s natural rolling motion and ergonomic support/damping.

  • Magic GTX Women

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