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Lacing Systems

2 Zone lacing

  • Individual 2-zone lacing Personalized and adaptable binding.

3 Zone lacing

  • Individual 3-zone lacing
  • Personalized and adaptable binding

The instep, heel pull and cuff are independently laced and secured, providing a first-rate fit for every shape of foot and activity.

Asymmetric lacing

  • Snugger fit in the forefoot
  • Adapts to the foot’s anatomy

Asymmetric lacing adapts to the foot’s anatomy and enhances precise footwork as more pressure can be applied to the big toe.

LP lacing

  • Flat lace profile
  • Extremely easy running
  • No skin pressure due to laces

Mammut®-developed laces featuring a flat profile and special textile mix for ultra-smooth gliding and durability. Despite this, the knot remains secure.

Alpine Speed Lace System

  • Lace system can be adapted precisely at a single pull
  • Fast and efficient
  • Safe, because it can be laced conventionally

A highly functional fast lacing system - efficient, simple and safe. This makes it easier to lace the boot, even when wearing thick gloves. The use of traditional anchor points means that standard laces can be used to secure the boot if required.

MTR Speed Lace System

  • Lace system can be adapted precisely
  • lace storage
  • fast and efficient
  • safe, because it can be laced conventionally

Easy Entry System

  • Quick & easy puting on
  • Also with warm gloves

The two additional straps on the shaft and tongue allow you to put the boot on quickly and easily, even when wearing gloves. The system also makes it easier to open the tongue and take the shoe off.

Flex Heel

  • Hinged heel section
  • multi-functional, elastic, practical

The heel cap attached to the shaft with elastic webbing and elastic mesh fabric can be folded down or up depending on the situation. This allows the shoe to worn as a fully fledged low cut version or an airy clog.

  • White Rose GTX Women

    $ 249.00