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Nubuk Leather

Classy and robust full-grain leather with slight sanding to create the characteristic velvet appearance. Depending on the required finish, Nubuk can be waxed, brushed or left untreated.

Velours Leather

Velours leather, or suede leather, is obtained by an internal split of the hide/skin. Thanks to its rough surface structure it is highly abrasion resistant and breathable. Depending on the required finish, Velours leather can be waxed or left untreated.

Calf Sports Leather

Typically, extremely thick fullgrain leather with smooth finish on external grain side. This makes this kind of leather very robust. Depending on the required finish, calf sports leather can be waxed,brushed or left untreated.

Idro-Perwanger® Leather 3.0 / 2.4 mm

Extremely thick full-grain leather made by the south tirolian high quality tannery Perwanger®, with rough grained finish on external flesh side. This makes this kind of leather very abrasion resistant and robust. Depending on the required finish, leather can be waxed, brushed or left untreated.

PU Leather

Fine-grained leather with an exterior protected by a coat of polyurethane to make it even more abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant and waterproof.

Synthetic Leather

This synthetic leather is hard to tell apart from genuine nubuck leather, except that it’s lighter and absorbs very little water.

Dropstop Textil

This roughly woven Italian textile of 73% polyamide and 27% polyester is very light, extremely resistant to abrasion and rip-proof. Permanent waterproofing prevents excessive water absorption.

Kevlar Protection

The Kevlar filaments integrated evenly over the PA base fabric provide effective protection from sharp stones or branches. The fabric is also very light and fast drying.


The World’s Strongest fiber The polyethylene fibers are 60% cutting resistant as carbon fiber, 15 × tear resistant as steel. Highly resistancy against abraison, moisture, ultraviolet rays Used in climbing gear, fishing nets, medicine, protective clothing.

Liquid Rubber Protection

Zones featuring Liquid Rubber reinforcements safeguard the footwear against abrasion and damage. This rubber is applied when wet and is lighter than conventional rubber rands.

Microfiber Racing

This synthetic leather was developed for motorcycle racing; thanks to its microfiber structure it is three times lighter than leather of the same thickness, extremely resistant to abrasion and hardly absorbs any water.

Soft Shell

The Soft Shell textile worked into Mammut shoes is tailored for robust footgear, abrasion resistant and waterproof, without compromising its positive Soft Shell characteristics (excellent breathability,wind-proof, water-resistant,expandability).


Light, opencell Polyamid mesh with good abrasion results. The Vent mesh has a high breathability and a superb rip strength.


This networked air-mesh weave of robust polyamide achieves maximum ventilation while retaining a stable form.


Constructed from a blend of supple inner and tough outer materials, which means the boot is hard only where necessary and can be designed to fit the foot for enhanced comfort.

Single Shell Construction

This aim of this type of construction is to create the shaft of a shoe using a material with as few seams as possible. This provides greater robustness, thanks to the lower number of contact surfaces and reduced overall weight.

2 Tone PA

The two differently structured polyamide yarns each have different abrasion and tear resistance in one direction, resulting in a technically functional and very visually attractive fabric.

  • Eiswand GTX

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