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Down Feathers

Mammut has always firmly rejected down from unethical sources. For this reason, we insist that our suppliers commit to our principles. Since spring 2012 we have been working with our suppliers as well as the non-profit organization Four Paws to optimize our supply chain. Specific steps have already been taken.

Down is an important natural material used in mountain sports products: to date synthetic products cannot match it for weight, compressibility and insulation. Down feathers are a byproduct of the food industry. Mammut is particularly keen to ensure that the down it used comes from sources that adopt an ethically responsible approach to animal husbandry. This means no feathers from force-fed or live birds.


Mammut uses high-quality down fillings which in general consist of at least 90% down and less than 10% feathers. Our down partners carefully process the down using the latest technologies to ensure maximum performance, hygiene and an odour-neutral result.

Down sourcing

To ensure optimal transparency and traceability throughout the extremely complex supply chain, Mammut is working with representatives of the industry as well as its suppliers and non-governmental organizations. Extensive specific remedial measures have already been put in place:

  • Starting with its summer collection 2013, Mammut is converting its entire down portfolio to white down. This significantly reduces the risk of the raw materials being sourced from force-fed birds (used to produce foie gras).
  • Mammut has reorganized its entire down supply chain and changed to a smaller supplier. The swap to more direct supply channels has improved the transparency and traceability of the down.
  • The supplier, slaughterhouse and goose farms have been visited in person and the conditions in which the birds are kept and processed have been checked. Mammut now visits the supplier on a regular basis and checks it for the ethics of its sources.