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Sustainability for ropes

Every year, more than 130 tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated in the rope works at Mammut’s headquarters. These are being offset by a myclimate project for climate-efficient stoves in Peru, amongst others.

What is the issue?

Climate change is a complex issue that poses challenges for both governments and companies. Which makes it even more surprising to realise just how much can be achieved with limited resources. For example, by constructing simpler but more energy-efficient stoves in Peru.

What does Mammut do?

Since 2008, Mammut has been offsetting the CO2 emissions generated in its rope production. The company’s rope operations are still located at its headquarters in Seon, Switzerland. The 133 tonnes of CO2 emissions generated by its rope production in 2013 (excluding polyamide and yarn production), were offset in partnership with the myclimate non-profit foundation.