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Organic cotton

For the Mammut climbing collection, we use organic cotton among other materials. The raw material comes from the Swiss company Remei AG and is sourced in a pioneer project in India.

What is the issue?

Conventional cotton cultivation often has very negative effects on people and nature. NGOs not only criticize the high water consumption in agriculture. They also point out the intensive use of chemicals to control weeds and vermin on the cotton field.

What does Mammut do?

We make sure that we use high quality raw fibers from organic socially responsible farming. Furthermore, we require that material processing and manufacturing takes place under fair working conditions. To achieve this, we work together with the Swiss company Remei AG since 2007. The organic cotton comes from a social project in India and is produced and processed according to strict environmental and social standards. Customers can actually verfy the entire value chain, using the traceability code sewn into each garment.

How can our customers recognize an organic cotton style?

Mammut products made of organic cotton carry a bioRe® hangtag from Remei. They are also equipped with a cotton bud, which is printed on the product inside.


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