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Peru Project


Since 2010 Mammut is supporting the Peruvian Mountain- (AGMP) and Trekking-Guide (AGOCP) Associations through the Cooperaciòn Alpinista Suiza-Perù by providing equipment and education as well as supporting the generation of new prospects.

What is the issue?

The Peruvian mountain and trekking guides lack the means for good equipment. Although they spend almost the entire high season in the mountains with guests, they have no access to new material and i.e. work with ropes, which are already more than 10 years old.

What does Mammut do?

In 2010 Mammut becomes partner of the Cooperación Alpinista Suiza-Perù. Besides donating equipment on a yearly basis, Mammut also invests a lot of work in the project management behind the scenes. The aim of the project is to provide the Peruvian mountain- and trekking-guides with specialist and professional know-how on top of modern and high end equipment. Additionally the opening up of new prospects for the guides is a central goal of the Cooperaciòn Alpinista Suiza-Perù.

Equipping the Peruvian mountain and trekking guides

The yearly handover of the equipment donations is taking place in the “Casa de Guìas” in the heart of Huaraz. We decided not to hand over the equipment without a service in return: each recipient is given an individual monitoring booklet - the so-called „Libreta Mammut“. Additionally, the guide has to confirm receipt of the equipment on a checklist and commit to use it responsibly. The end result is a comprehensive material management and double checking system. Each year, the guides must have their equipment checked by the locally nominated „Comité Mammut“ and meet the agreed criteria in order to stay entitled to benefit.

Who is the Cooperaciòn Alpinista Suiza-Perù?

Our project partner is the initiative “Cooperación Alpinista Suiza-Perú”, which was founded in 2007 by the former Zurich cantonal counsellor Dorothée Fierz and the former Peruvian ambassador in Switzerland, Elizabeth Astete.

This project resumes a traditional collaboration between Switzerland and Peru. The cooperation emerged in the 1980s with the establishment of the Peruvian association of mountain guides, which later became the first South American mountain guide association to be incorporated into the IFMGA.