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Our aim is to offer the very best alpine products, assume our social responsibility, and leave behind the best possible ecological footprint. So that future generations can be mountaineers as well.

Mammut is convinced: To ensure long-term corporate success, social and ecological aspects must be considered as well as the business dimension. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our core business – and applied on firm as well as on product level. It’s a complex footpath without ending, on which we advance step by step.

Corporate Responsibility

The Mammut Sports Group views “Corporate Responsibility” (CR) as a management approach that makes social and environmental responsibility a concrete element of its company strategy alongside economic logic. CR may be divided into a social, an environmental and a community dimension. Although we aim to behave responsibly in all of these areas, the first priority is given to social and environmental concerns (CSR & CER) affecting our core business.

Mammut WE CARE

The “WE CARE MAMMUT” logo gives our corporate responsibility a visible apprerance and guides you like a green thread through all dimensions of our corporate responsibility. The heart of the logo are the words “WE CARE”, which demonstrates our commitment. The logo is accompanied by the claim „about people, communities and our planet“. The end result is a short and concise expression of our basic aims in relation to corporate responsibility: the people and nature around us are important to us, therefore, as a company we are accepting responsibility.


  • CR is an integrated part of our corporate culture and is applied at all levels within Mammut.
  • CR is a relevant innovation driver and opens up new business opportunities. Sustainability is regarded as a design criterion in its own right alongside price, performance and appearance.
  • We focus on customer needs and benefits as well as on market relevance. Investments in social and ecological projects also create economic added value in the long term.
  • We aim to stand out from our competitors in the area of CR as well, however we believe that there are some issues we cannot resolve on our own. We therefore sign up to cross-industry solutions and are taking a leading role in the newly formed "Sustainability Working Group" of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and cooperating with the relevant internal and external target groups. CR is a global team sport!
  • CR is a process of continuous improvement and changing established ways of thinking. We report and communicate transparently in this area.
  • We are responsible for long-term, honest, integral and credible solutions and commitments.
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