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Handling Smart

How you use the Smart right?

Inserting the rope

Inserting the rope in the Smart.

Use a locking carabiner to attach the Smart to the belay loop of your climbing harness and lock the carabiner.

In the basic position, the braking hand is always below the device and grasping the brake line.

Paying out rope

Place the thumb of the braking hand under the nose of the Smart and pull the device away from you while keeping it in a horizontal position.

Release your grip on the brake line slightly and use your guide hand to pull the rope through the device.

Taking up rope

Use the guide hand (the guide hand to the climber) to take the rope up.

At the same time, briefly move the braking hand up and pull the brake line through the device.

Immediately lower the braking hand again and slide it back under the device to the basic position, while retaining your grasp on the brake line.

Lowering the climber

Hold the brake line with both hands.

Place the thumb of the guide hand under the nose of the Smart and raise the device in a horizontal position. This releases the locking mechanism.

Release your grip on the brake line and use both hands to slide it through the Smart in a controlled manner.

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