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Never encompass the Smart completely in your hand. This disables the Smart’s locking mechanism.

Smart / Smart Alpine

Never encompass either the Smart or the Smart Alpine completely in your whole hand. This will disable the locking mechanism of the Smart/Smart Alpine.

When paying out rope, always pull the Smart/Smart Alpine in a horizontal position away from your body. Pulling in a vertical direction disables the braking effect of the devices.

Element Light / Bionic Alpine sowie Element 8 / Bionic 8

Do not remove the braking hand from the brake line when securing or releasing.

When releasing the brake line, use both hands to allow it to run through the device in a controlled manner.

The brake line must always be held downwards (see figures A and B).

Belaying from a belay station

In the case of the Smart Alpine and Vader Alpine belays, when belaying one or two second climbers from a belay station, it is essential to check the correct installation of the device at the belay station and the correct threading of rope in the device. In both cases, Smart Alpine (Fig. 1) and Vader Alpine (Fig. 2), the rope strands leading to the second climbers must be threaded into the belay above those leading to the braking hand. If the rope is threaded the wrong way around, neither the Smart Alpine nor the Vader Alpine will provide any braking effect, and if a second climber falls the rope would simply pass through the device without braking.

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