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Remo Lehmann

"Sports climbing is my passion and takes up a very large part of my life."




First name: Remo
Last name: Lehmann
Date of birth: 27.01.1995
Home town: Burgdorf

What brought you to climbing?
My first climbing experiences date back to the age of four, with my parents who also went climbing from time to time and always took me along. I loved climbing, even back then, so my parents signed me up for a competition when I was twelve. Despite the fact that I had never trained, I managed to achieve a very good place. After that, I started training regularly with the aim of constantly improving.

Dreams and goals? 
My dream is to make it to the World Cup and in the longer term to somehow build my life around this sport.

My Top 3


• 2nd place in the Swiss Climbing Cup, Bouldering, Fribourg, 2012
• 3rd place in the Swiss Climbing Cup, Lead, Dornbirn, 2013
• 15th place in the European Youth Climbing Cup, Bouldering, Grindelwald, 2012

Spectacular areas

• 8a+ Dinosaure, Seynes, France
• 8a+ l'exploit de jules, Mont Gaussier, France
• Dach Boulder, Chrionico, Switzerland


• Climbing
• Bouldering
• Traveling

My Mammut

What Mammut means to me:
A companion on my sporting journey who supplies me with the equipment I rely on for my sporting achievements.

My Mammut Products:
• Neon Pro climbing backpack
• Massone 3/4 climbing pants
• Smart safety device

  • Neon Pro

  • Smart