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Hans Kessler

"I am searching for new lines that I can descend on skis."



First name: Hansi
Last name: Kessler
Date of birth: 18.10.1963
Home town: Schiers

What brought you to mountaineering?
I didn't discover mountain sports until the age of 22. After trying my hand at gymnastics and ski racing when I was very young, I went on to play football.
A school friend introduced me to mountain sports. After that, it all happened quite quickly - mountain guide training, north faces in the Alps, attempt on Everest.

Dreams and goals? 
Finding new lines and coming down them on skis. I often spend a long time on this exciting and creative process. It ends only after a successful descent. As a trainer, the issue of promoting young mountain athletes is one that is close to my heart. I would like to continue to pass on my enthusiasm and technical and academic know-how to future gym teachers.

My Top 3


• Working as a coach to help young athletes reach their potential
• Working to fine-tune the essentials as an equipment tester
• I am rarely on the second page in event rankings

Spectacular areas

• First descent (with skis) of the north west wall of Lauizughorn, 2011
• First descent of Motalin north west wall Monatlin, 2011
• Traversing of Rätikon on skis (4,500 vertical meters ascent/descent) in 6 hours, 2010


• Hunting
• Sport
• Family

My Mammut

What Mammut means to me:
For me, Mammut is the company I totally identify with.

My Mammut Products:
• Nordwand Jacket - doesn't let me down in stormy weather or rain.
• Ride R.A.S 30l avalanche airbag - my constant companion.
• Pulse Barryvox - gives me confidence in rescue techniques

  • PULSE Barryvox