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Cyrille Albasini

"Simple and in the heart of nature. I live in a little trailer that I built myself 3 years ago.""


First name: Cyrille
Last name: Albasini
Date of Birth: 25.06.1980
Home town: Vernayaz

What brought you to climbing?
I spent my youth on ski slopes, together with the Valais team, or out with my father Stéphane who's a mountain guide. However, I opted for climbing relatively quickly due to the sequences of movements. A dance on a beautiful surface, stone. Long live climbing!

Dreams and goals?
Living in harmony with everything around me, leaving a barely perceivable trace on our planet. Doing a European tour in the most beautiful climbing areas, and on Cisko, my horse.

My Top 3


• Winner of the best sporting sequence at the Outdoor Games in Interlaken
• Having climbed with the best of the best
• Being independent and having lived my dreams

Spectacular areas

• Légendes d'automne 8b+
• Classe tout risque 8b/bloc
• Le Cervin at the age of 10


• Climbing on the back of my horse Cisko and riding off towards the cliffs
• My loved ones, my little darlings
• Movies and lazing around

My Mammut

Mammut bedeutet mir:
Une grande famille, généreuse, qui m'a permis de vivre de beaux rêves. Un matériel fiable qui m'accompagne depuis 10 ans et avec lequel je n'ai jamais eu de problème. Je remercie encore cette "grosse" marque pour toute l'aide qu'elle m'as apportée.

Meine Mammut Produkte:
• 8.9 Serenity, et toutes les cordes Mammut
• Shield, le sac de couchage "de rêve"
• Smart

  • 8.7 Serenity

  • Smart

  • Neon Pro

    $ 139.95