Robert Boesch

Sean McColl

"I'm addicted to competitions and climbing and always pursuing the next step!"


First name: Sean
Family name: McColl
Date of birth: 03.09.1987
Domicile: Vancouver (Canada)

How did I first get into climbing?
I love the sport because there are so many different ways to climb. I can't decide wheter to boulder, or lead climb. At the moment, I choose competing because I won't be able to compete at my current level in 10 years. I love the feeling of moving on rocks.

What are your goals?
Compete at the Olympics for Canada.

My Top 3


• Winner of a World Cup
• Vice World Champion
• Junior World Champion (5 times)


• Dreamcatcher 9a, Squamisch (Canada)
• Chironico (Switzerland)


• Soccer
• Piano
• Video Games

My Mammut

Mammut means to me:
An opportunity, a sponsor, a friendship.

My Mammut products:
• Realization Shorts
• Mammut Boulder Pants
• Mammut stuffed animal

  • Smart

    $ 29.95

  • Courmayeur Advanced Pants Men

    $ 230.00