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Marc Boudorn

Rock Climbing (on steep limestone, if at all possible...)

Favorite Mammut Gear:
My 9.5mm Infinity and my Stratus belay parka!

Favorite Climbing/Skiing Area:
Gorge du Tarn - France, Kalymnos - Greece, Terradets - Spain, Red River Gorge - Kentucky.

Favorite Climb/Ski:
It’s impossible to choose just one. My favourite climbs are: Fiesta de los Biceps – Riglos, Spain, Lord of the Thais – Thailand, Lourdes – El Chorro, Spain, BOHICA – Red River Gorge, Kentucky and many, many others…

About Marc Boudorn

I’m a full ACMG Rock guide and live with my wife and 3-year-old daughter in Squamish, BC. I own a guidebook publishing company, Quickdraw Publications, that allows me to be sefl-employed. I’m a very self-motivated person and rock climbing serves as an ideal vehicle to challenge myself, both physically and mentally, on a regular basis. I derive great satisfaction from the travel associated with climbing; exploring new areas and experiencing different cultures. Also I just love the feeling of getting pumped on a huge limestone pitch! It’s like an addiction for me. As far as accomplishments go, I’m most proud of my longevity in the sport. I’ve had numerous injuries and setbacks over the years, but feel as though I’m still improving, even though I just turned 40 – yikes! For a list of my climbs, please visit