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What is a laminate?

A laminate is a bond of a least two different materials. The membrane (a wafer-thin sheet of material) is bonded to the upper fabric, and sometimes the liner, entirely or in specific areas. 2-layer, 3-layer and 2.5-layer laminates are available.


  • The two bonded outer layers of fabric protect the intermediate waterproof and breathable membrane from damage and ensure high tear resistance.
  • The membrane is bonded to the wear-resistant upper fabric and a strong liner. The result is a very hard-wearing and extremely robust garment.
  • 3-layer jackets do no need any additional lining.

Alpine, Alpine Extreme


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Take up a minimum of packing space.
  • A protective layer, consisting of a grease-repellent substance and carbon, is applied to the inner side of the membrane.
  • This protective layer eliminates the need for a separate liner.



  • The integrated mesh liner ensures a pleasant temperature.
  • It prevents direct contact with the inner side of the functional fabric, which can become damp over time as a result of condensation.
  • The membrane is laminated directly onto the inner side of the upper fabric.


  • Meron Jacket Men

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