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Without regular care, the breathable qualities of functional textiles are considerably reduced. The culprits are grease, salt and particles of dirt which block the pores of membranes. The garment's breathable quality is greatly reduced. However, in addition to the membrane, the outer material is also affected by pollution. It loses its water-repellent effect and is saturated by rain.


  • Always read the care label before washing your clothes!
  • Close all zips and velcro fasteners and then turn the garment inside out.
  • Wash with liquid detergent and rinse thoroughly.
    (Do not use washing powder since this blocks the pores of the membrane).
  • Do not use a fabric softener. This destroys the membrane.
  • Leave the garment to dry completely.


Wash outdoor clothing as often as needed, but as seldom as possible. This helps the garment to retain its functionality for longer and keeps the membrane free from dirt.


  • To maintain optimal water and dirt resistance, apply a waterproofing treatment to clean and dry fabrics. Clean the garment first.
  • The waterproofing treatment can be applied as soon as the fabric is completely dry.
  • Place the garment on a coat hanger in a well-ventilated room or in the open air and spray on the waterproofing treatment, using slow and even movements, from a distance of around 20 cm.
  • Leave the garment on the coat hanger and wait until it is completely dry before wearing it. 100 percent protection will be achieved after around 24 hours.
  • To enhance this waterproofing effect, you can then place the jacket in the tumble dryer for around 5 minutes or carefully iron it. However, make sure you place a cloth between the iron and the garment.


Synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyamide or polypropylene are generally hydrophobic (water-repellent). For optimal effectiveness, targeted surface treatments are applied to make them hydrophilic (hygroscopic). This enhances the capillary action of the material construction. Transportation of moisture is promoted. The skin's surface stays dry. As the result of mechanical influences, for instance the wear-wash cycle, functional underwear gradually loses its ability to transport moisture. Proper care makes the fibres hydrophilic again and restores the functionality of sports underwear.

Freshening up

Hats and gloves, which should be washed rarely or not at all, need to be freshened up at regular intervals. This can help to prevent the development of unpleasant odours.