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Go Warm Technology

Why Go Warm?

Because the climate in the mountains is more extreme.
Because the alpinist is on route „stop & go”.
Because the backpack influences the body climate.


SYMBITECH™ is the clever combination of natural and artificial fibers with Body Mapping in the first layer. The results are two different fabrics, that are optimized for the different requirements of the various body zones. Finest merino wool and top grade polyester microfiber guarantee an ideal body climate at all areas of the body, in every situation

Body Mapping

The human body has several temperature zones that respond differently to sports activities, heat and cold. While some zones cool down quickly (e.g. the arms, thighs, knees and calves), others produce excess heat after a short period of time (e. g. the head and upper body). This means the body has to regulate the various temperature zones individually in order to maintain its normal temperature of 36.5 ° C.

The body sweats

100 % microfiber provides maximum moisture wicking and fast drying.

The body gets cold

The Lightweight quality made from polyester microfiber / merino wool heats or cools the body.

The body feels well

Suitable for all light to high intensity sports. Perfect moisture management 365 days a year.

Perfect Heat & Moisture Management

  • Go Warm Pants Long Men

    $ 60.00

  • Go Warm Pants Long Women

    $ 60.00