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Recycled materials

Don’t waste a thing! Used plastic bottles provide the raw material for the production of various materials. Mammut also uses them, for instance in the Mammut Alpine Mountain product line.

What's the issue?

Recycling brings added value: instead of generating more and more garbage, used water bottles get a new life. Moreover, recycling PET consumes less energy than producing virgin PET and the dependence on non-renewable fossil raw materials is reduced.

What does Mammut do?

So far, Mammut uses recycled materials only marginally and not in a systematic manner. However, the technology has evolved very quickly over the past few years. Today, technical recycled materials are in no way inferior to other technical materials regarding performance and quality. At the same time they leave a smaller ecological footprint. We will closely observe future innovation in the field of recycled fabrics. Our requirements for recycled materials are the same as for any of our products: best quality, best functionality and socially and environmentally responsible production.

How can customers recognize a recycled product?

Products made ​​from recycled materials are marked with a green hangtag and the Mammut WE CARE recycled logo. For example, the Illiniza Recycled Jacket is made of the functional material "Repreve 100» from Polartec.

  • Nirvana Ride

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  • Niva Ride

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