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Organic cotton

Conventional cotton cultivation often has very negative effects on people and nature. NGOs not only criticize the high water consumption in agriculture. They also point out the intensive use of chemicals to control weeds and vermin on the cotton field

For this reason, we choose organic cotton from the Swiss company Remei AG for a large share of the Mammut climbing collection. You can identify the Mammut organic cotton products by their bioRe®-Hangtags or by the cotton boll printed on their inside. The production of these garments is based on the following five principles:

100% certified bioRe® cotton from controlled organic cultivation
For our organic cotton products we exclusively use cotton that is cultivated under controlled organic conditions in India and Tanzania. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is strictly prohibited, as are genetically modified seeds. Regular crop rotation leads to healthy soil and a high biodiversity.

Humane working conditions guaranteed
All cotton used is traded fairly. The processing – from ginning the cotton to sewing the garments – is performed under fair and humane working conditions.

No use of toxic chemicals through all stages of production
Respecting nature means not using toxic chemicals throughout the whole value chain -  from cotton cultivation to the finished product. This measure additionally protects the health of the textile workers and leads to a maximal skin kindness of our products.

Completely CO2-neutral production of all garments
The production of the Mammut organic cotton products is completely CO2-neutral throughout the whole value chain, including transportation. After a consequent reduction, the remaining CO2-emissions are offset through the construction of biogas plants and efficient cookstoves in the bioRe® cultivation regions India and Tanzania.

By using the provided traceability number, you can trace each garment back over all steps of production – from the cotton cultivation to the sewing factory.
Just enter the traceability code that you find on the sewn-in label of your garment (in the side seam next to the care instructions) here or use a random code.