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Fair Wear Foundation

In October 2008, Mammut became the first outdoor company to join the Fair Wear Foundation. Since then, numerous improvements have been implemented.

What is the issue?

In the past decades much has changed in the clothing industry. In the context of globalization, almost all the major companies shifed their production to emerging and developing countries. This makes it a real challenge to control and guarantee fair working conditions.

What does Mammut do?

Mammut has a firmly established management system to continuously monitor social working conditions within the supply chain. However, due to the termination of business relations with two suppliers, we did not manage to achieve the required 90% threshold.

The first two wage ladder analyses constituted the 2011 highlight. In 2012, our main focus is an in-depth analysis of wage levels at suppliers, based on the Fair Wear Foundation‘s „Wage Ladder“ tool.

Despite comprehensive monitoring procedures, no absolute guarantee can be provided against breaches of the Code of Labour Practices. The Swiss company views its commitment more as a long-term process and a never-ending path.

How does the Mammut control system work in practice?

The FWF Code of Labour Practices sets out the conditions under which MAMMUT products must be produced in the supply chain. To ensure the effective implementation of this standard, MAMMUT relies on an internal management system and continuously monitors working conditions at manufacturers using the following tools:

  1. Factory visits: Mammut purchasing teams, developers and managers make regular on-site visits to examine working conditions as well as discussing day-to-day business.
  2. Audits: Mammut appoints independent local expert teams to conduct factory audits. The audit report is then used to discuss any deficiencies with the supplier and define the improvements to be put in place.
  3. Internal processes: An internal management system helps to provide an overview, track all actions and systematically monitor improvements.

Who is Fair Wear Foundation?

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is a “multi-stakeholder” initiative which is supported by companies and textile associations, trade unions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). As an independent verification body, it checks that the actions taken by member companies are effective and coherent. To do this, it uses the following tools:

  1. Verification audits: The FWF carries out its own audits to countercheck and verify the improvement process locally
  2. Grievance mechanism: Factory employees can send grievances directly to the FWF and Mammut on an anonymous basis
  3. Performance Check: Each year, the FWF examines the basic internal monitoring processes and flows at Mammut.

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