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Stephan Harvey

"I'm attracted by long climbing tours and beautifully shaped mountains."


First name: Stephan
Last name: Harvey
Date of birth: 27.05.1969
Home town: Bubikon

What brought you to mountaineering?
Friends in youth associations, in particular the SAC youth organization.

Dreams and goals? 
Sharing great experiences with good friends out in the mountains.

My Top 3


• First ascent of Arwa Spire central and west summit over the "Fior di vite" and "Capsico" routes: Piolet d' Or Nomination, 2003.
• Many small successes, e.g. Matterhorn, direct Zmuttnase.
• "White Risk" avalanche training CD

Spectacular areas

• Route: Shield on El Cap, with an endless view down
• Region: Garwahl Himalaya
• View: from Mount McKinley


• Cycling
• Ice hockey
• Having a drink with friends and family in sunny cafes in the south and doing a bit of climbing along the way.

My Mammut

What Mammut means to me:
A versatile mountain sports equipment supplier.

My Mammut Products:
• Pulse Barryvox
• Various Mammut ropes
• Mammut sleeping bags

  • PULSE Barryvox

  • 10.2 Gravity

    $ 219.95

  • Altitude EXP 5-Season

    $ 949.95