Robert Boesch

Csaba Németh

"I’m happy to be one of the world's best trail runners and at the same time a proud father of two beautiful daughters, living a conventional life in Hungary."


First name: Csaba
Family name: Németh
Date of birth:


Domicile: Miskolc, Hungary

How did I first get into trail running?
Because I feel complete while I'm trail running. And last but not least this makes me a better person, too.

What are your goals?
I would like to keep on going with trail running, to live it, to gain experiences and to hand those over to everyone who is as devoted as me.

My Top 3


• UTMB Top 8
• 6x Lavaredo Ultratrail winner
• 3x, Swiss Jura Marathon winner


• Dolomites
• Carpathians
• Highlands in Scotland


• Endurance challenges
• Spirituality
• K1

My Mammut

Mammut means to me:
It's the gate of opportunities towards my dreams so they may come true.

My Mammut products:
• MTR 201 Micro Jacket
• MTR 141 Thermo Jacket
• MTR 141 Hybrid Pants
• MTR 201 3/4 Tights Men
• X-Shot headlamp